Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pristine Water Poem

The CooL Water Tugs on Your Legs.
Begging You to Follow It.
It Never Stops Fighting You.
As It Flows Angrier, You Drown Weaker.
Yet Your Will to Defy It Becomes Ever So Strong.

You Will Fight It.
An Endless Battle.
It Never Weakens or Grows Tired.
It Is Relentless and Will Not be Vanquished until You are Defeated.
So, are You Gonna Give in and Let It Has Its Way??

P/s : As I Drowned My Legs Into The Swirling and Twirling Water Streams

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

As My Pure Heart Sings Poetry

Oh Leila Rose,
Look at You,
You are so GORGEOUS as you always do,
Each time my heart beats ; it reminds me of YOU,
And I cannot solve this even with clues.

Oh Leila Rose,
Look at Your Hair,
It shines every single day,
I wish to Look at it Without any pay,
And That's aLL what I Gotta Say.

Oh Leila Rose,
Look at Your Eyes,
They sparkle as a Crystal Ice,
Cute, Full of Strength and it Fits Your sizE,
And as you SPEAK , They Never Tell Lies.

Oh Leila Rose,
At the LIFT that Evening,
I saw you SMILING,
The Truth is ; I was TOTALLY Melting,
And NOW My HEART is Craving.

Oh Leila Rose,
You Might Not Notice THIS,
Because I See You Right Through The MIST,
As If You are in WEST and I am in EAST,
Even if we ARE far ; Hope that You Can FeeL My bReeZe.

p/s : Once Upon a LOve with a Chinese Girl at MAS

Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm just a typical Guy with a typical Life,
Born to live in this normal world,
And I got something to SHARE with you all,
It's about my LOVE STORY with a Girl.

She's a Beautiful Girl with a CHINESE Look,
And I fall for her not because of her Look,
She used to HUG and KISS me on my Face,
but now she's not here LEFT me with this SAD Face.

I tried to Get her back with Everything I Could,
To be Kissed like I used to and leave all These Wounds,
So I turned to her FRIENDS asking for Something,
But what They could do? They could do Nothing.

Still Lucky I got FRIENDS who live around Me,
Making my Days as Happy as a Boy could Be,
And I'm so Glad having FRIENDS like You All,

Now my Life is the Best as YOu Seem,
Leaving what's PAST and Catching up all my DREAMS,
But SOMETIMES i DO Keep Thinking about HER,
And I could just SMILE and wish for her A HAPPY LIFE.

Am I Wasting UP My Time , Singing This Song OF MY Life??

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

09 - 09 - 09

Dearest Miss P,
how's your life nowadays?
does everyone treat you well?
do you still suffer from chest-pain?
m stil wondering how's your life without me by ur side.. ~hurm~

Dearest Lovely Miss P,
it suppose to be our 3rd anniversary..
mybe u have forgotten this date..
since u have easily forgotten bout me..
so why should'nt i conclude like dt.. ~sigh~
bt m here has neva forgotten bout you..
cz i always stick your cutey-smiley little face in my room..

Dearest Pretty Miss P,
everynite before i go to sleep..
as i lay on my bed..
i look up at the sky thru my window..
n i wish dat,,
i hope that You will give me one more chance to prove everything
which I have Promised..

Dearest Funny Miss P,
i have always smile when i listen to ur negaraku song
dt u sang when we were talkin on d phone..
and i wish dat u can always sing for me next tym..

Dearest Missing Miss P,
i am here always miss you so much..
i hope one day we will be together forever more..
I Miss You Soooooo Much Miss P..


Monday, September 7, 2009

It Feels Like Dying

there was 1 day when she said dat "You think i can break up wif you ker?"
n dts d sweetest line he has eva heard..
dts all took place in a sunny beach country of Terengganu..
imagine dt a lovely-pretty gurl said dt in front u..
n d gurl whom you love so much..
a guy would melt down as a gurl dt he loves confessed it..
when dis words neva last n jz faded away..
it kills his heart silently..
as if he is dying in his sleep..
every single day he tries to 4get his past n move on to another sorrow life..
making his life like a normal person..
having fun..laughing..enjoying things dt surrounds him..
bt sadly, he couldnt make it..
cz deep in his heart whispers dt he still in love wif dt gurl..
n d gurl lives inside him no matter where he goes n what he does..
he tried to hate her..
then again..
he couldnt make it..
he even couldnt throw away all d gifts dt she had given him..
he keeps all the gifts in a box of Love..
some of his frens forced him to jz burn dem all up..
cz d gifts sicken him terribly..
he didnt wanna do so..
cz he got his own point of view..
from all the gifts dt she gave him..
what he sees are..
everlasting loves and efforts..
n dats d reason why he couldnt throw them away..
he really Loves those gifts as much as he Loves her..
n there is a rumor saying dt a new gurl tried to get him..
but when d new gurl tried to get along with him..
he jz refused to do so..
cz he stil cnt forget dt lovely-pretty gurl..
dis situation of his difficult time always end up with tears n cries..
he cried out loud deep in his broken heart..
he could jz cried out to God or jz No One..
he suffered lotsa pains..
the pains which are so unbearable as though u dun wanna know how it feels like..
lotsa people told him dt a guy has
a pride..
dun loose it cz of a gurl dt jz dzen belong to you..
bt m telling u dis..
a guy does has a pride , though , he got his weak point too..
it's not like he has to LOOSE his pride..
it's jz dt he has to LOWER DOWN his pride..
nw r u agree with me?
sure u do cz when u love someone..
you have to give n take..

P/s : Love ur Love One with all ur hearts
Always be your Love One listener
I mean , the ONLY listener

sekadar hiasan

Saturday, September 5, 2009

This Time's Gonna Be Messier And Noisier

m waiting fer my hair to grow longer..
can't wait to see dem grow 'down' n completely cover up my forehead n my eyes as well..
m planning to go 4 a rebonding treatment..
then i could swing my hair when m banging my head as m in d "metal-zone" tracks..
watch ur back EMO..!!
bt then..
my moms owedi nagging all over my hair..
she jz 1 me to cut dem short..
dt cut dem short line really reminds me of dt lovely miss P.. ~sigh~
nevermind, all sad feelings aside..
so, concerning on my hair..
for now..
4 short term plan..
m gonna put some hair straightener cream myself..
then its gona be look more "constructed" den eva..
tu jek..

pic : sub

Just Blogging In


basically, i also dunno y i turned up creating a blog of me..


jz browsing thru some of my frens blogs..

having a glance at dis n dat..

most of their blogs gt lotsa photos n some of them none..

not even a music player??

what a lame?!


pick up some links n go get a RYTHM..
can't live without music..
sorila if i were making u all 'rimas-ed' ..
eventho dere r so much different with people's blogs..
but then i finally concluded that , a blog is jz something dt we all treat like a diary..
mybe it's the e-diary..
hows dat sound?
we jz post everything dt comes up in our routine life..
well dts jz gud..
dis may be u need to tell someone bout whatever things that bother around ju..
or vice versa..
there's someone who really needs to know what d fish YOU have bn thru..
dts all..
pic : Yoon-Ha